Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Country music a "national darling"?

That's what this New York Times story about Nashville (Tennessee) as "Nowville" (per GQ Magazine) asserts.   Journalist Kim Severson suggests that country music has become a "national darling," and she does so amidst laudatory comments regarding Nashville's many amenities. Severson associates the phenomenon with the past few decades.

Certainly I am aware that country music is not treated with quite the obloquy it was--especially on the coasts--several decades ago, but a "national darling"?  I'm not so sure.


Miranda Dugan said...
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Miranda Dugan said...

I don't know, Nashville has really been coming up in the world. First, Taylor Swift often claims she is from Nashville, even though she was born in Pennsylvania, a fact that angers many Penn natives. In addition, let's not forget this fall's hit show, "Nashville," a regular Thursday night event in our apartment!