Thursday, February 4, 2010

NPR coverage of Latina/os in the rural South

Public radio's "Marketplace" program recently did a two-part series on a study by Martha Crowley and Daniel Lichter on so-called Latino boomtowns in the South. Listen to the stories here and here. The first is the "good news" about Latino migration to small-ish towns in the South (contrary to stereotypes, they are not going to hell in a handbasket as a consequence of Latina/o arrivals) and the second is the "bad news" (the strain on public services like health care and schools).

My own look at Latina/o immigration into the South is here. The Crowley and Lichter study is "Social Disorganization in New Latino Destinations," published in December, 2009, in Rural Sociology.  My article in the Harvard Latino Law Review, "Latina/os, Locality and Law in the Rural South" is available here.

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