Thursday, June 5, 2008

F.L.D.S. members return home to Eldorado, Texas

Here's a link to the NYT story, which includes a great quote from a sect member: “We’re trying to find that safe little town in Texas where we can be in peace.” I guess that is what the YFZ ranch represented to them -- a safe rural space where they could live as they chose in a community, largely self-sufficiently, off the land?

This image, from a Dallas Morning News photographer, seems reminiscent of Little House on the Prairie and evokes our positive associations with rural America. Note that one man is pictured with one woman. It looks like a traditional nuclear family -- unlike many other images we've seen in coverage of the F.L.D.S, photos depicting clusters of just women, or of women and children.

So, was the decision by the Texas appeals court to return the children to their families (and the sect) the right one, or not? How is the difference reflected by the F.L.D.S. like other religious and cultural differences we tolerate --or don't?

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