Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rurality Then and Now, Here and There (Part VI): Commercial dissonance in El Dorado County

This past week-end in El Dorado County (California), I noted these two buildings across the road from each other in Fair Play, a wide spot in the road (and also the name of one of the county's viticulture appellations). The third photo (bottom right) is of a signpost at the same intersection, Fair Play Road at Perry Creek Road, which features arrows directing drivers to about a dozen nearby wineries.

What you see at this intersection is El Dorado County's past meeting its upmarket, gentrified future -- at this point, just yards apart. The building that houses the restaurant has been there a long time and was previously a restaurant, but the folks at Bocconato Trattoria spiffed it up before their April '08 opening. There are other signs of growth in the area, not least more wineries opening every year.

I wonder how long Fair Play Hardware can survive, especially with a Home Depot less than 15 miles away in Placerville?

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