Saturday, August 30, 2008

A few rural audio vignettes from NPR this week

Here's one about the 1963 founding of the folk music festival in Mountain View, Arkansas. The headline was "In Arkansas, Fiddlers Try to Preserve Local Tunes." Don't miss the priceless slideshow, with photos by David Gilkey for NPR. Sounds like the NPR reporters stumbled onto Mountain View as part of the network's "Take Me to Your Leader" series, in which Madeleine Brand and David Greene are driving between Barak Obama's home in Chicago and the Democratic Convention in Denver, asking townsfolk to identify local leaders. The report does a nice job of capturing the distinctive flavor of this Ozark gem. Mountain View is the county seat of Stone County and has a population of about 2,800.

Here's one about Leavenworth, Washington, a fake "Bavarian Village." Unfortunately, the transcript for this one is not available online, and I won't trust my memory to recall too much of what I heard --just that the town converted itself to a Bavarian-style village to create a new economy based on tourism after the town lost its train station and several major employers.

I bet you can tell which one the photo accompanies.

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Slice of Pink said...

I visited Leavenworth, Washington in 2005! It was quite adorable with a shop dedicated exclusively to Nutcrackers and lots of small bakeries.

On the same trip, we stayed in Skykomish, WA (Population 214), where there was one ten-room motel.

Photo here: