Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Another story of rural development versus... well... nature

Here it is from NPR.  The dateline is San Antonio (not obviously rural), and the "nature "at issue are bats.  The lede follows:
The Bracken Bat Cave, just north of San Antonio, is as rural as it gets. You have to drive down a long, 2-mile rocky road to reach it. There's nothing nearby — no lights, no running water. The only thing you hear are the katydids.
The cave houses a massive bat colony, as it has for an estimated 10,000 years. Bat Conservation International, the group that oversees the Bracken Cave Reserve, wants it to stay secluded, but the area's rural nature could change if a local developer's plan moves forward.
How can you be "just north of San Antonio" and "as rural as it gets"?  Maybe you have to be there to understand.

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