Monday, March 30, 2009

Finally, a mention of rural areas affected by the Red River flood

This story just posted to the New York Times website discusses not only Fargo and Grand Forks, North Dakota, as well as Winnipeg, Manitoba, but also actually mentions rural areas affected by Red River flooding. In particular, the story is about new issues and threats raised by a snow storm now moving into the area.

Here's the lede to Kirk Johnson and Monica Davey's story:
A major snow storm that is expected to hit the Dakotas Monday night and into Tuesday is not expected to exacerbate flood worries or significantly raise water levels in the still-swollen Red River, emergency officials here said Monday. But the storm could create havoc on many other levels as Fargo and the rural areas around it struggle to find a pathway back to normal life.
And here is another brief excerpt mentioning rural places:
Paul D. Laney, the sheriff of Cass County, which includes the city of Fargo, urged residents, especially those in some rural areas where travel has already been difficult because of flooding, to think hard about whether they wanted to ride out the snow storm or evacuate Monday morning before the snow starts.
This comment highlights the challenges of physical spatial isolation for rural communities and their residents, particularly in the context of natural disasters. (Other examples of these challenges are discussed here and here).

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