Friday, June 6, 2008

More fallout from West Virginia's social and political incestuousness (as opposed to the type Dick Cheney suggested this week)

The President of the West Virginia University has just announced his resignation, six months after we learned that the governor's daughter had been granted an MBA without fulfilling the requirements for it. He thus becomes the second recent casualty associated with powerful people in the state being a little too close to one another. I'm not suggesting that this is a problem unique to West Virginia -- or even to largely rural states. However, the concentration of power in the hands of so few in sparsely populated places may be more obvious? I wonder if we have good investigative journalism to thank for bringing to light the events (malfeasance? or at least the appearance of it) that brought down the West Virginia Supreme Court's Chief Justice and the President of its flagship University in such quick succession.

The parenthetical in my headline refers, of course, to Dick Cheney's gaffe earlier this week, which suggested literal incestuousness among West Virginians.

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