Sunday, June 1, 2008

Licenses, Illegal Immigrants, Rural Transportation

I saw this article in the News and Observer (N.C.) this morning, focusing on a state law enacted in 2006 that prohibits illegal immigrants from obtaining licenses without a valid visa or social security number. Previously, N.C. allowed immigrants to obtain licenses with other forms of ID, such as a Mexican license, the rationale being licensed drivers, safer roads.

Now, in 2008, licenses are beginning to expire and rural immigrant communities must make new transportation decisions. Sheriff's departments have begun to initiate INA 287(g), enforcing immigration laws by, for example, creating checkpoints to ensure that drivers have licenses.

In rural counties, such as Johnston County, N.C., individuals must make decisions between driving a car without a license and facing deportation consequences or going to doctor's appointments. Some have avoided checkpoints by using alternative, longer routes.


zeezil said...

Nearly 300 illegal immigrants were convicted on driving-while-impaired charges and placed in North Carolina prisons in 2007.

Hispanics also account for 18 percent of drunken-driving arrests, while making up less than 7 percent of the state’s population, according to a study from the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center aired in WRAL’s documentary “Focal Point: Crossing the Line.”

The study also showed that Hispanics involved in car crashes were 2.5 times more likely to be drunk than white drivers and three times more likely to be drunk than black drivers.

zeezil said...

It's a simple fact. If you are in the country illegally then you are in the state illegally. If you are an illegal alien then you are an illegal resident and therefore not a resident at all. You should receive no government services or a driver's license. None. Period. Nada. Zip.

zeezil said...

Following the law, abiding by the law and supporting the law is “work” that illegal aliens just won’t do.

Two different groups have emerged in America today due to the effect of illegal immigration, those who have to obey the law (citizens) and those who don't (illegal aliens).

Legalizing an illegal alien’s presence in America by rewarding their illegal behavior through issuing licenses and granting amnesty is not the way to build a good system of law and order. It only invites more criminal activity and more avoidance of our laws.

We tried 'comprehensive immigration reform' in 1986. We gave amnesty to 3 million illegal aliens in exchange for the government promising to secure the borders, conduct workplace enforcement and enforce immigration law. It didn't work because the government lied and did nothing other than process the amnesty paperwork. Due to that folly, we now have 20 Million or more illegal aliens here demanding amnesty.

Don't you think it is far beyond time that we engage in Comprehensive Immigration ENFORCEMENT rather than Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

zeezil said...

Driver’s Licenses:
Let's is illegal to be in America illegally. It is illegal to be an illegal and have employment in America. Driving is not a human right but it is a privilege given to citizens of America as long as they meet the driving requirements. A driver's license is also the primary means of identification that citizens use to access a number of services and engage in a number of activities, many of which are to be utilized only by citizens. To travel to jobs that they illegally hold, illegals must usually drive. Therefore why would ANY state actually issue driver's licenses (a legal document) to illegal aliens who are illegally in America and illegally holding jobs???