Sunday, December 30, 2007

Going green in rural America

An urban article from the NC News & Observer on cities such as Baltimore, Phoenix, and San Francisco that offer incentives for those people who choose green alternatives sparked my interest on what incentives could be offered in rural towns. Baltimore has offered $2,000 grants to home buyers who purchase within the vicinity of work. Berkeley has offered financing to the cost of solar panels.
Incentives are one way to go. I am also interested in comparing city recycling programs and when cities or towns decided to begin recycling. The Nebraska State Recycling Association was founded in 1980. According to one former resident, Omaha, Nebraska began recycling before 1995. Cary, North Carolina began recycling around this time as well. Fresno, California began recycling around 2005, right around the time I moved there. I wonder what accounts for the differences. Some of these towns have transformed into cities since the 1980s and are no longer rural. But I still wonder what determines how successful the green movement will be in cities and towns of varying sizes and rural areas.

I found this link to a blog entitled "Going Green in Rural America."

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