Sunday, September 16, 2007

A conflict between differing rural interests, right here in Yolo County

This story tells of the conflict between two rural interest groups: the Rumsey Band of Wintun Indians who own Cache Creek Casino and the long-timers (including agricultural interests) among Capay Valley residents where the casino is situated. As outlined in the article, the former have stepped on the toes of the latter by building and operating the casino, which they are in the process of expanding with a 10-story, 450-room hotel and event/conference center -- all in the midst of some of Yolo County California's best orchards and fields.

Is it fair to say that the Rumsey Band have imposed an urban phenomenon upon their rural neighbors? The reporter refers to the casino's "Las Vegas-like footprint," and even the manager of the casino says, "If I could put this in the middle of San Francisco, I would in a second, but the trust land is here."

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