Wednesday, July 26, 2017

NYT Coverage of Remote Area Medical site in Appalachian Virginia

The New York Times' Trip Gabriel reported in Monday's paper on the Remote Area Medical Clinic that had run in Wise, Virginia over the weekend.  A photo of the clinic appeared on the front page, with the full story on page 9.  The headline is, "When Health Law Isn't Enough, the Desperate Line up at Tents." Here's the lede:
Anthony Marino, 54, reached into his car trunk to show a pair of needle-nosed pliers like the ones he used to yank out a rotting tooth. 
Shirley Akers, 58, clutched a list of 20 medications she takes, before settling down to a sleepless night in the cab of a pickup truck. 
Robin Neal, 40, tried to inject herself with a used-up insulin pen, but it broke, and her blood sugar began to skyrocket. 
As the sun set in the mountains of southwest Virginia, hundreds of hurting souls were camped out or huddled in vehicles, eager for an early place in line when the gates swung open at 5 a.m. for the nation’s largest pop-up free clinic.
I first learned of this RAM clinic in Wise on Saturday when Ralph Northam, Democratic Party nominee for Governor of Virginia and a physician, Tweeted that he was volunteering at the clinic.

Wise is quite near Grundy, Virginia,  the dateline for this Washington Post piece, which appeared in print on Sunday.

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