Tuesday, February 4, 2014

As many indoor skating rinks as stop lights: two each

That is one of the fun factoids about Warroad, Minnesota, home of two athletes who will compete on the U.S. women's and men's hockey teams in Sochi.  Those athletes, Gigi Marvin and T.J. Oshie, are featured in Jere Longman's story in today's New York Times about the Olympic hopes of this town, the cradle of a number of other hockey Olympians.  Longman includes another fun factoid:  The two were Queen and King of the Frosty Festival as high school classmates nearly a decade ago, in 2005.

Longman describes Warroad, population 1,781, in idyllic terms, "a civic snow globe six miles from the Canadian border."  The town, Longman notes, "has sent seven hockey players to the Olympics since 1956 — four of them from the same family, the Christians — and each one has returned with a medal."   The hope for Sochi:  a pair of golds with the help of Marvin and Oshie.

Warroad is in nonmetropolitan Roseau County, population 15,476.

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