Saturday, September 21, 2013

More (bad) news out of Leith, North Dakota

I wrote last month about the efforts of white supremacist Craig Cobb to take over tiny Leith, North Dakota to make it a whites-only town.  Now,  Meg Lindholm reports for NPR that members of a large neo-Nazi organization will visit Leith this week-end.  Lindholm quotes Cobb's creepy vision for the week-end--and for the town's future, which would include an installation of the flags of the "formerly white nations of Europe."
It would be extraordinarily beautiful when people enter the town, particularly at night.  We will probably have the National Socialist hunting flag with stag horns and a very small swastika in the center — very discreet.  
In an effort to stop Cobb, residents have urged the county health department to condemn several of the town's old structures.  They hope that this will discourage him and like-minded white supremacists from moving in to take over the town and its local government.  Cobb already owns about a dozen structures in Leith.  

But Cobb's plans extend beyond Leith.  He has designs on other towns near the region's oil fields, including Alkabo, a town on the Canadian border.

Leith, in southwestern North Dakota, sits three miles from the nearest paved road.  It's population is 24.

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