Sunday, August 11, 2013

Recent demographic headlines from nonmetro America

These were presented by Kenneth Johnson of the University of New Hampshire and Carsey Institute at Rural Sociological Society's Annual Meeting in New York last week.  This reflects work he did with Dan Lichter of Cornell, and it is meant to highlight changes between 2010 Census data and 2012 ACS data.  Three types of counties are referred to:  metro counties, nonmetro counties adjacent to metro counties, and non metro counties.    
  • Rural America's population grew marginally after 2010, as measured by population growth in nonmetro counties 
  • Metro adjacent counties grew the least among the three types of counties
  • Net migration into nonmetro counties slowed, as did natural increase 
  • Growth slowed most in traditionally fast growing areas, such as non metro counties that are adjacent to metro counties
  • Racial and ethnic diversity continues to grow—especially among rural children 
  • Rural America is growing older 
  • New "metropolitan" definition diminished rural growth because it caused many previously non metro counties to be reclassified as metropolitan.  

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