Thursday, October 25, 2012

Manitoba town offers land for C$10/lot

NPR reported yesterday about Reston, Manitoba's offer. Reston is located 45 miles north of North Dakota.  The town hopes the offer will draw "new blood to the area." According to the story, "[i]nterest is rolling in from [both] sides of the border."  NPR hosts Melissa Block and Audie Cornish interviewed Tanis Chalmers, economic development officer for Pipestone, the municipality that oversees Reston.   Chalmers reports that she's received 800 inquiries so far regarding the 13 plots of land available.  

As for the town's amenities, Chalmers lists a grocery store, pharmacy, lumber yard, credit union, nine-hole golf course, an arena with curling surface, and the Reston Rockets, the local baseball team.

As for the $10 price, it's actually a bit more complicated than that.  A $1000 deposit is required, but if you build on the property within a year, you get $990 back.

The story doesn't indicate how Reston is advertising the offer.

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