Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Rural Travelogue (XV): Christmas Eve in Amador County

I drove to neighboring Amador County yesterday to pick up some holiday goodies from my favorite bakery, Andrae's. I came back with lots of yummy stuff, though no photo of Andrae's or of the lovely hamlet where it is located, Amador City. I did, however, take these three photographs:
a vendor selling strawberries and oranges at the very rural intersection of Old Sacramento Road and Latrobe Road, several miles west of Plymouth; the Plymouth City Hall, decked in lights and wreaths; and Cooper Winery on Shennandoah School Road, in the heart of the Amador wine region. Regarding the fruit vendor, I was especially surprised to see him in this rural location, where my impression based on past experience is that not a lot of traffic passes, though vendors like him are common in my suburban Sacramento neighborhood. He told me the strawberries were grown south of Los Angeles. He was charging $10 for a bag of oranges, $15 for the case of strawberries.

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