Saturday, October 16, 2010

Home foreclosure freeze had origins in rural Maine

David Streitfeld reports in today's New York Times, "From a Maine House, a National Foreclosure Freeze." The dateline is Denmark, Maine, population 1,004, and the story is one of a legal services volunteer lawyer who discovered flaws in the efforts to foreclose on the $75,000 home of Nicolle Bradbury, 38, who turned to Pine Tree Legal Assistance when GMAC Mortgage began foreclosure proceedings on her modest rural home.

Pine Tree Legal Assistance has several service centers throughout Maine. Denmark is western Maine, in Oxford County, population 56,608. Parts of the county belong to two different metropolitan New England City and Town areas: Lewiston-Auburn and Portland-South Portland-Biddeford.


Margarate said...

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Foreclosure Freeze said...

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