Sunday, April 11, 2010

Law and Order in the Ozarks (Part LII): Two arrested in burglary of pharmacy

The April 1, 2010 issue of the Newton County Times features one front-page crime story, "Two arrests in Jasper pharmacy break-in." It tells of a March 21 break-in at the only pharmacy in Jasper, the county seat (and I believe the only one in the county), in which 120 bottles of prescription drugs (about 18,000 pills total) were taken, along with three flat-screen monitors.

"Investigations and interviews", the story opaquely reports, "led to charges being filed against two Newton County men," according to Jasper Police Chief Pete De Chant. The two men, one age 22 and the other age 26, were arraigned in circuit court on March 26, which indicates that their arrests came shortly after the burglary. They were charged with commercial burglary and theft of property, and bond was set at $3500.

The paper provides no follow up on recent searches of Middleton property, initially reported here.

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