Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another story of rural vulnerability in the developing world, this time from Africa

Jeffrey Gettleman reports in today's New York Times from Africa, under the headline, "Lush Land Dries up, Withering Kenya's Hopes." Here's a brief excerpt:

A devastating drought is sweeping across Kenya, killing livestock, crops and children. It is stirring up tensions in the ramshackle slums where the water taps have run dry, and spawning ethnic conflict in the hinterland as communities fight over the last remaining pieces of fertile grazing land.

The twin hearts of Kenya’s economy, agriculture and tourism, are especially imperiled.
The story does not use the word rural, but implicit is the fact that the part of Kenya suffering most is the part outside Nairobi. Unlike India--as explained in this post a few days ago--Kenya does not have a thriving knowledge/urban-based economy on which to lean in times like these.

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