Saturday, August 29, 2009

Multiple killings in micropolitan, coastal Georgia

The Associated Press is reporting the deaths of seven persons today in a mobile home near Brunswick, Georgia, population 15,600. Two others were injured and are being treated in nearby Savannah. Police believe the deaths are homicides.

Here's a quote from a resident of the mobile home park, who did not know the victims:

Lisa Vizcaino, who has lived at New Hope for three years, said that the management worked hard to keep troublemakers out of the mobile home park and that it tended to be quiet, according to The A.P.

* * *

“New Hope isn’t run down or trashy at all,” Ms. Vizcaino said.

“It’s the kind of place,” she said, “where you can actually leave your keys in the car and not worry about anything.”

The mobile home park is on the site of the former New Hope Plantation. Brunswick is the county seat of Glynn County, with an estimated 2007 population of 73,276.

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