Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rural sociology programs in jeopardy: another sign that rural folks don't matter much anymore?

I learned today that the Department of Community and Rural Sociology at Washington State University in Pullman is likely to be terminated, leaving half a dozen or so rural sociology professors out of work, among other unfortunate consequences. Read the WSU press release here.

I suppose you could say it is in good company, as the other WSU programs that will likely be cut are theatre and dance, German, and sports management.

The Dept. of Community Studies at UC Santa Cruz is apparently also on the chopping block. As one rural sociologist commented in an email relaying this news, it is somewhat shocking that even long-standing and prestigious rural sociology programs are so vulnerable.

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Crystal Ainardi said...

Hi we have created a facebook page for WSU's crs dept please pass the word on search " save wsu department of comunity and rural sociology"