Friday, December 26, 2008

A (rural) Mexican Christmas

Don't miss Sam Dillon's story in the NYT about how the holiday is celebrated in Chinantla, Mexico, which he characterizes as rural.

The Christmas season joins people with their loved ones wherever it is celebrated, but in few places, perhaps, does it unite whole villages so thoroughly in communal rituals of music and merrymaking as in rural Mexico.

For nine consecutive nights, starting Dec. 16, villages all across Mexico have been re-enacting Joseph and Mary’s biblical search for lodging. Each night’s procession, called a posada, has led townspeople, marching to the strains of a brass band, to a different home, where humble heads of household . . . . have fed and entertained the revelers.

Read the entire delightful (and sentimental) story here and note the strong rural theme of community throughout.

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